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Marine Electronics Installers has a key philosophy which is the cornerstone for their hard work. “MEI wants to make your boating experience simple, longer and more gratifying”. There is no other way around that fact that boats require regular maintenance and repair. Just about any electronics repair on a boat involves crawling into cramped not easy to access quarters. Most of the time these areas are not too hospitable whether a dank bilge or a boiling hot center console. MEI will do the dirty work for you making your boating outings much more enjoyable.
Marine Electronics Installers has a specialty 24 Hour Emergency Service that none of their competitors dare to copy. While most service companies start the day much later, MEI knows the importance of your trip or journey. From Vero Beach to Key West, MEI will bail you out when your Marine Electronics are not cooperating. These are only a few of our extraordinary services that we extend to the customers.

MEI also has a 2 Year Labor Warranty which coupled with the strong warranties from the electronics manufacturers allows your boat to have the ultimate protection.
Garmin Warranty, Navico Warranty, Lumishore Warranty, GOST Warranty and Czone Warranty

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